Data Management Planning

Through its leadership of Data Conservancy, the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) created a service to assist their researchers with research data management planning.  This service, JHU Data Management Services (JHU DMS), has developed a questionnaire, building on work accomplished by the Data Conservancy, that addresses the elements of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) guidelines for data management plans.  The questionnaire focuses on cross-cutting or common elements across NSF directorates.  It is not intended to address the elements or requirements of a particular directorate which may identify additional conditions.


Based upon the experiences of JHU DMS personnel, they have found that NSF Principal Investigators were able to create a thorough and well-organized first version of their data management plan using this questionnaire.  Through substantive dialogue and iteration, the PI and JHU DMS personnel create two-page data management plans that capture the relevant elements and consider optimal long-term preservation and sharing solutions for that particular research project.  Although JHU DMS may recommend a data management solution that uses the JHU Data Archive, an instance of the Data Conservancy, the questionnaire is general enough that it could be used for any data management service provider.


Information about the National Science Foundation’s data management plan requirements is available at


For further information about using the questionnaire or the steps taken in its development, please contact JHU Data Management Services at