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SLA‐AGC 2014

Sayeed Choudhury’s presentation, “Data is the New Currency,” at SLA-AGC 2014.

DMASM 2014

Sayeed Choudhury’s presentation, “Public Institution Perspective (Research Library),” at DMASM 2014.

The Research Data Revolution

Sayeed Choudhury – STM Innovations Seminar 2013, London.

The Data Conservancy

Ruth Duerr – UCAR Data Citation Workshop, April 5, 2012.

What Dataset Descriptions Actually Describe: Using the Systematic Assertion Model to Connect Theory and Practice

Wickett, K. M., Thomer, A. K., Sacchi, S., & Dubin, D. S. (2012, March).  Poster at the Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 2012.

Integrating Conceptual and Empirical Studies of Data to Guide Curatorial Processes

Palmer, C. L., Chao, T. C., Weber, N. M., Sacchi, S., Wickett, K. M., Renear, A. H., Baker, K., Thomer, A., & Dubin, D. Poster at the Research Data Access & Preservation Summit 2012.

Poster: Making Data Visible: Data Citation Policy Implementation at NCAR

Matthew Mayernik – 2011 International Digital Curation Conference, Awarded “Best Poster”

The Future of Microalgal Taxonomy

Anne Thessen – Phycological Society of America Meeting, University of Washington

Video: Reuse and Recycle: Tools and Services for Managing, Preserving, and Presenting Data for Sharing

Sayeed Choudhury – WebWise 2011 (Click on the Day Two tab and choose session #5.)

Data Curation: Why Does It Matter?

Karon Kelly – Colorado State University

Data Conservancy: Designing Services for Data Curation, Stewardship and Reuse

Mary Marlino – 2011 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

Poster: Units of Evidence for Analyzing Subdisciplinary Difference in Data Practice Studies

POSTER:  Cragin, M.C., Chao, T.C. & Palmer, C.L. – 2011 Annual Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

Poster: Analytic Potential of Data: Assessing Reuse Value

Palmer, C.L., Weber, N.M., Cragin, M.H. – 2011 Annual Joint Conference on Digital Libraries

Growing the Curation Community in LIS: Current Research and Educational Initiatives

Cragin, M.H. – 2011 Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians.

Sharing Data: Practices, Barriers, and Incentives

Tenopir, C., Van der Hoeven, J., Palmer, C. L., Malone, J., & Sinha, P. (2011, October). Sharing data: Practices, barriers, and incentives. Panel at the American Society for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

The RS-Cities Project and Its Relevance to the Data Conservancy

Urban Resilience Observatory Proof of Concept – Paty Romero-Lankao – TerraPop

Working Architecture Diagram

Proposed Urban Resilience Observatory Proof of Concept – Lynne Davis, John D’Ignazio, Peter Alston

Data Practices Across Disciplines: Informing Collections & Curation

Panel on Datanet: Collaboration, Curation, and Data in the iSchools, organized by Christine Borgman.  I-Conference, February 9, 2011, Seattle, WA.

Summary of DC’s Broader Impacts, Community Engagement

Mary Marlino, Carole Palmer – NSF review panel

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