The Sheridan Libraries Announce the Launch of JHU Data Management Services

The Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University – building upon the work of the Data Conservancy – are pleased to announce the launch of JHU Data Management Services.


Provided specifically for the JHU community, the service will offer two categories of support scoped exclusively for National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals:  pre-proposal submission consultation, and data management support that includes data depositing and preservation for a specified period of time.


During the pre-proposal stage, data management consultants will work with the JHU Principal Investigator (PI) to assist in the preparation of a data management plan.  Once the PI has received an award, he or she will have access to further in-depth data management planning support and the ability to deposit data within the JHU instance of the Data Conservancy.


Funding for the pre-award services will be provided through the respective schools according to the average volume of NSF proposals submitted annually.  Post-award services will be funded initially through a percentage of award fees from each grant.  This fee is based on projected cost expectations and will be refined over time.


Support for the JHU Data Management Services will be provided and managed via a central team of data management consultants and technical staff.


Over the past year, members of the Sheridan Libraries Entrepreneurial Library Program and Data Conservancy actively researched and developed the services now being offered.  Research included:

  • A short survey with JHU PIs on their current data management practices, volume and type of data being generated, etc.
  • Review and analysis of proposal and award activities across JHU.
  • Pilot consulting work with PIs.
  • Data archiving services and partnerships through the Data Conservancy.
  • A cost review and analysis of staff and hardware resource needs.


As experience is gained, the Sheridan Libraries will assess and continue to evolve the services provided to remain responsive to needs within the JHU community, inform further development of the core system of the Data Conservancy and provide insights to aid the development of similar services for all Data Conservancy instances.


For more information on JHU Data Management Services, please visit  Information on the Data Conservancy can be found at

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