UCAR Data Citation Workshop

By Matthew Mayernik


The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) put on a data citation workshop in Boulder, CO, April 5-6, 2012. The workshop, titled “Bridging Data Lifecycles: Tracking Data Use via Data Citations,” brought together over 75 people from data centers, research libraries, federal agencies, and research organizations. The workshop speakers presented a diverse set of perspectives on data lifecycles, current options for data citation and data reuse, and pilot projects in implementing data citation standards and practices.


Two Data Conservancy members presented during the workshop, Ruth Duerr from NSIDC and myself. I helped to organize the workshop, and gave a presentation about my work here at NCAR/UCAR to coordinate data citation policies and implementations efforts within our organization. Ruth’s presentation described multiple aspects of the Data Conservancy project and software architecture, including the key DC software architecture principles and services, the DC data model, and the DC Feature Extraction Framework. Ruth also described the DC’s approach to assigning citations and citable locators like Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to data collections.


The workshop agenda (with the presentation slides for each speaker) can be found at: http://library.ucar.edu/data_workshop/


I will be working with UCAR colleagues and the workshop attendees to produce a workshop report, which will be released sometime during the summer. We will make an announcement on the DC blog when the report is available.

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